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Consulting at the Intersection of Business, Environment & Government

Crane Management Consultants and Derek De Biasio will provide you with structured, evidence-based analysis and concise, independent advice.

We support business and government decision making within a triple bottom line sustainability framework focused on economic growth, social progress and environmental quality.

Crane has in-depth experience throughout Canada working with private and public sector managers and executives, multi-stakeholder steering committees, NGOs and Indigenous governments, businesses and groups.



Our Servuces
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Decision Support
Decision Support

Are you a manager with key decisions to make? Gain insight into the myriad implications of your decisions. We'll provide you with structured, evidence-based analysis, well fleshed out conclusions and fresh, independent advice to support executive decision making.

We typically work within a triple bottom line sustainability framework of economic growth, social progress, and environmental quality. 

Sustainability & Environment

Wide-ranging experience on sustainability, ESG and environmental management projects that involve multi-disciplinary technical and strategic solutions. Designed and implemented solutions that addressed clients’ strategic and practical requirements - from leading economic, social and land use parts of environmental impact assessments for major projects to determining the feasibility of green energy projects to developing marketing strategies for eco-products to developing sustainability quality assurance systems.

SASB Consultant Program member.


Recognized for technical economics expertise in

  • conducting economic impact and benefit-cost analyses,

  • preparing partial equilibrium analysis and industry studies,

  • developing regional and community economic development strategies and plans,

  • undertaking non-market valuations of ecosystem services, and

  • estimating benefits and costs of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

Well established economist, degrees from University of BC and Harvard University.

Business Advisory

How we work

  • We are bold with your value proposition yet have a firm grasp on what is realistic and possible

  • We look ahead – applying foresight built on analytics, creativity and experience

  • We collaborate well within the “sandbox”

  • We stay on point

  • We are honest

Ready to look in-depth at how to commercialize your R&D?

Want to do some market research and a marketing plan to stay ahead of competitors?

Need help with a business plan?


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