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A few quick, interesting reads

Photos from left to right, fishing boats in Prince Rupert harbour, Kaslo Jazz Festival with its on the water stage, and City of Vancouver looking towards the North Shore mountains with False Creek in the foreground.

Lean canvas biz model planning

Ash Maurya (LEANSTACK) revised the 'business model canvas' to emphasize the relative importance of initially establishing the commercial opportunity within a business model planning process. In what he calls the 'lean canvas', the business problem/opportunity and the company's solution (to the identified problem/opportunity) are laid out within a graphic figure. 

The business model canvas graphic figure is a tool that Crane uses to help with business planning.

Real world carbon pricing info

The web site is a good source for real world carbon pricing data and analysis. The site's staff analyze, monitor and report allowance and offset prices established through the linked California and Quebec carbon markets, RGGI, other Canadian carbon markets, global voluntary offsets, and North American clean fuel programs and standards, including BC. 

Although over-supplied with allowances, the California and Quebec emissions allowance and offset trading systems are working reasonably well to establish current (and future) carbon prices that reflect orderly and transparent demand and supply conditions.    

Plenty of free info on this web site to get you started. If you want to go deeper, then you can subscribe. 

Progress in government

Harvard University lecturer Robert Behn is one of the best at coming up with innovative yet practical ways of improving the management of government. In this one page article, he talks about the idea of measuring and tracking "progress" in government. Here he focuses on defining "success" in government as making steady progress year over year.

Not all government entities, whether provincial, federal, local or Indigenous, start at the top, but we can track and expect to see annual improvements in key performance metrics (high school graduation rates, surgery waiting times, etc.).

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